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    Product and Innovation

    "Discovery is an accident meeting a prepared mind"


    I knew at a young age that I was a weird kid. I coloured within strong, bold lines but drew vivid, imaginative monsters. I studied Newton's Laws and Algebra, but I was in a special art class of abstract paintings and sculptures, learning about Van Gogh who sliced his ear off. I played sports because I can, but I loved music.


    I choose to believe that I'm just a unicorn finding my way around the urban jungle. My goal is to make the world a better place with simplicity and elegance. I'm working on experimenting different paths to get there.

  • Early Days

    Started toying with new ideas to solve daily problems with technology and design in the later years of undergrad. studies, with the 1st being ShopOne - A Digital Card Aggregator, a solution to reduce the crazy amount of loyalty and credit cards in your wallet. Mind you, we still do face this problem and there isn't really a major player out there dominating the market yet due to various reasons. Here, I awakened the giant within.

  • The unexpected

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    See through the eyes of locals

    An impulse to join a Hackathon and the fire to do something great set me off a different path. We won the Hackathon, we incubated in Sydney, we drank unmeasurable amount of wine, we started Globe Hop to help travellers see the world through locals' eyes and discover experiences only locals know.

  • These days

    My new ventures

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    Catalysing Innovation

    DBS Innovation

    Driving and coaching young entrepreneurs and innovating with businesses to solve real customer needs using Design Thinking & Lean approaches.

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    Content Marketing

    Writing, Comms, PR

    I've added content creation and strategy to my repertoire for digital and offline assets. Social media, research, digital and creative writing for both start-ups and corporates.

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    Community Engagement

    Start-up Ecosystem

    Engaging young innovators and start-ups through events, communications & programmes that creates value.

  • I love

    To draw inspirations from daily knick knacks and observing the intangibles of life. I am always up for anything story telling, creative and fun!


    Baking. Coffee. I have a sweet tooth. Anything deep blue.


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